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Year by year, we continue to see more and more people for hair loss and/or thinning. Of course hair transplant surgeons are likewise seeing an increase in their patient population as well, but hair transplants are quite expensive, can have certain drawbacks, and are almost never a first choice, or even an early choice. The key word nowadays amongst dermatologists is supplements. The field of dermatology is strongly trending in this direction. And one of the newest supplements with proven results and no adverse effects is Nutrafol. Clear Complexions Rx has different, but comparable versions for men and women, to take into account hormonal differences. The most meaningful hair assessment study parameters showed improvement in strength and growth of hair at the end of the pivotal study, 6 months, or 180 days. Also significant improvments in hair growth and counts were notes by day 90. Photographs were taken that clearly backed up the positive therapeutic value of the treatment. The supplement, which is taken orally, is well tolerated and can be incorporated into a daily routine without difficulty. 

Included below are research study abstract, summary sheet, and a research and ingredient sheet. 

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