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 It should be noted that professional skincare offers more powerful solutions and a much better value than retail or over-the-counter skincare products. The key differences between professional and retail are in the ingredients and how they are put together. Higher amounts of key ingredients , more advanced ingredients and better delivery of those ingredients produce better and faster results. Professional products have more advance and/or sophisticated formulas. They incorporate the most promising new ingredients (example, DefenAge) or the latest generation of more established ingredients. Also, professional products more than over-the-counter skin care products, actually deliver these key ingredients into the skin to reach their intended targets. Especially when those destinations are hard to reach such as the basal layer, dermal-epidermal junction, or the dermis. Finally, professional lines are actually much less expensive on a per ounce basis than brands you find in department stores or large chains. Not only do you pay less for the actual quantity of product, but there is so much more benefit in that product.  Our regimens are and always have been crafted by skin care specialists like Dr. Fulton- not sales people in the department store. Who's better to decide what's best for your skin than your dermatologist?
Trust. Products that work. Individualized. As with anything in dermatology, you may need to give them a little time, but worth it? Yes. Avoid purveyors of the here today, gone tomorrow variety. Some of you may remember our first Oak Brook Terrace, Illinois location that started our mandate more than 40 years ago. Our well-proven product quality continues, just as we do also.

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