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The company strives to cover the skin care, any desired improvement, and /or medical

dermatology needs of all customers and patients. The extensiveness of our Vivant and Clinical

Formula series enables these needs to be met. In other cases, and for in-house patients,

prescriptions can be written, for example if a steroid is called for. It is also necessary for us to

keep up-to-date with any research in this field that culminates in a product that stands out in its

treatment performance, especially if it fills a gap or niche in our current product armamentarium.

In this regard, here are five uniquely new products we have chosen to carry from PCA.

Physicians Care Alliance (PCA) has been a recognized leader in the skin care industry for more

than 25 years, specializing in providing significant improvement in a variety of skin aging




Hyaluronic acid boosting serum. Hyaluronic acid is a critical ingredient for normal skin

functioning. With age, the natural production of hyaluronic acid starts to become depleted at

varying rates. This serum replenishes, at deeper layers of the skin, hyaluronic acid and the

natural water retention resulting therefrom. Once absorbed, it can bind a thousand times its

weight in water for maximum hydration. Note that a superficial, surface dryness my occur; it's

the deeper, sustained water retention/production that is accomplished. $84.00


























Anti-redness serum. A most effective way, via this serum, to treat redness on the face.

Redness from rosacea is a common condition that responds well. Also effective for redness

secondary to an allergic reaction or an inflammatory process. Can start by gently rubbing into

the face as a thin film twice a day, and then taper usage as the redness subsides. Can be used in

combination with our green tea cleanser, which, as a cleanser, is called short contact treatment

because it's washed off, but still has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties. $50






























Vitamin b3 brightening serum. A brightening effect, radiance, evenness of skin tone and clarity

are what this product is all about. It has an anti-inflammatory effect that is soothing and can

counteract the irritation brought about by other medicaments the individual may be using. The

ingredients have been shown to confer significant anti-aging benefits, making this a true skin

brightening/anti-aging topical treatment. The key ingredient is 6% Niacinamide (not to be

confused with the antioxidant Vitamin C), the highest concentration in the skin care field

today. Can be applied once or twice a day. $50




Active Broad Spectrum SPF 45 sunscreen. Broad spectrum means that it protects against the

entire spectrum of ultraviolet rays from the sun, both those that contribute to skin cancer and

those that prematurely cause aging effects of the skin. Has an additional protective antioxidant

effect. Not only an environmentally-friendly formulation, but also contains no

phthalates, parabens, or sulfates, frequently found in other sunscreens. $25.00.











Intensive Brightening Treatment. $50.00. The description of the PCA product is summarized in

the abstract below.

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