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Here are three newly researched skin care products that fill many of the most important needs of cosmetic dermatology.  The research that eventuated in the subsequent development of these products, and having them in our office, is reprinted in the tab, J.Drugs in Dermatol. 2018; 17 (4): 426-442. Those interested in how these were researched will find this in- depth article most interesting. However, a brief summary and guideline information is as follows:

As we age, so do our basal skin cells (environmental factors, sun, lifestyle, aging). Scientific and clinical research shows that defensins, a natural antimicrobial peptide, enable your body to make new skin cells by activating your body’s very own master stem cell responsible for wound healing. In simple terms, defensins reprogram your body and “wake up” these stem cells to make NEW skin. 

These Master stem cells are located halfway down your hair follicle and they are the only stem cell in your body that repairs your skin when it is wounded. Unlike other skin care products that must penetrate through the upper layers of your skin, when applied topically, defensins travel down the hair follicle, directly accessing those master stem cells. 

Defensins essentially activate or message your master stem cells just as they would be released when you have a controlled injury through procedures such a as microneedling, chemical peels, and lasers. The defensins in DefenAge not only cosmetically enhance your investment in these types of procedures, but also help maintain your results. 

DefenAge’s scientists were able to implement the discovery of defensins into groundbreaking technology called “Age-Repair Defensins”, which is the primary ingredient in DefenAge Skincare. 
DefenAge is an ideal addition to any post treatment regimen as it greatly aids in the hydration levels of our skin. 
By adding DefenAge to your daily skin regimen you will see improvement in global signs of aging in 6-12 weeks of twice daily use. 
•    Revive Youthful Firmness
•    Even Skin Tone
•    Brighten Age Spots
•    Correct Surface Imperfections
•    Define Contours
•    Revive Clarity    
•    Smooth Lines
•    Replenish Moisture
•    Diminish Wrinkles
•    Correct Dryness
•    Unclog & Minimize Pores
•    Refine Texture
•    Comfort Compromised Skin
•    Renew Softness
•    Calm Redness
•    Revitalize Dullness 


READ THE FULL-TEXT CLINICAL ARTICLE in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD)

168565 DefenAge-3D Eye Radiance  Cream.j
168565 DefenAge-8-in-1-BioSerum  .jpg
168565 DefenAge-27-7 Barrier  Balance Cr

Clear Complexions RX carries the three major product components of the DefanAge skin renewal system:

1) 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream   $89.00

2) 8-in-1 BioSerum                      $155.00 *note the serum is 5x stronger than the eye cream

3) 3D Eye Radiance Cream         $89.00

As noted, these products represent a unique anti-aging regenerative approach to stimulate the body to create  new skin originating with the skin cells lying just below the outer layer of disruptive, disfigured, and damaged stratum corneum. The process is as safe as it is natural-- as the products above travel down the skin's follicles, the deeper master stem cells get programmed to create this new skin. The only other things in dermatology that have the ability to create new skin are lasers and microneedling. This technologic advance has in fact been called, "microneedling in a bottle". Microneedling itself is enhanced by it. Creating new skin need not sound like something out of science fiction. You've all heard the term, "exfoliation". This works in a more simplistic way to also augment the shedding, or sloughing off, of the damage-riddled outer stratum corneum (sometimes sun damage is not readily noticeable), and in fact the DefenAge products work best with a good exfoliating cleanser.

So Defensins are proven to produce new basal stem cells and there is no other technology in our field that can do this. Give the products at least a couple of weeks to begin to see results; they have to work in concert with normal skin cell turnover. They can be used with or without other products, and they give retinols, for example, fresh cells to turnover. The eye cream should be applied last, except if using sunscreen, in which case sunscreen would be the last thing to apply. The eye crea, for which it's ok to apply sparingly, is able to last at least 8-12 weeks per container with a twice-a-day usage. You can massage it in with the attached applicator and work it all around the eyes including the upper lids and what's called the "crow's feet" areas. The BioSerum could be applied after the 24/7 barrier balance cream, or at any desired time, after ,again, an exfoliative-type cleanser. This is a brief overview, so please feel free to call Clear Complexions Rx Ltd at 847-843-0200 if you have any questions. 

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