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Medical Grade Skincare

Our products are not sold in stores befitting their dermatology-grade, first-in-class status. These products cover a very wide range of problems and issues relating to the skin, whether in the disease category, acne, or the aesthetic category.


Our exclusive, custom-blended line of products are not mass-marketed or mass-produced, but made in a slow, evenly mixed process. This contrasts with bulk-made products sold in retail outlets made in assembly line fashion at a fast rate, generating heat which damages fragile proteins and other ingredients.  Our products are tailored to an individual's needs and recommended for their appropriateness. We emphasize quality in all product ingredients: non-pore clogging, but at the same time, concentrated and strong enough for maximum effect


Our Bestsellers

about us

     "Do the right thing". This is the mantra of the dermatology group, Clear Complexions, Rx Ltd., located in Schaumburg, IL, one mile west of the Woodfield Mall. Founded by an eminent dermatologist, Dr. James Fulton, in the 1970s, there are many in the Chicagoland population who still remember us by our predecessor company and its long-time "Face Up" name. Long renown for the treatment of acne, Clear Complexions Rx has a track record of success in the remedy of this condition spanning more than forty years, utilizing medication in conjunction with physical treatment modalities, as spelled out in Dr. Fulton's original principles. (Dr. Fulton's review article on the subject of acne is currently on the highly acclaimed and most frequently physician-viewed website, "Medscape/eMedicine".) We stand against the hyping of gimmicks, slick advertising, and ineffective technology of acne-related products in the absence of hard data or proven results.



Young Man with Hat

Ned H, 33

The pink scrub has been life changing, I have yet to find anything comparable!

Fashion Portrait

Marta E. 38

After trying every otc skincare, a friend recommended the Clinical Formula products to treat my acne, it it truly helped. 

Blonde Woman

Carla N, 23

I started using these products after both my mom and grandma started using them in the 90s. A skincare line that is absolutely tried and true!

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