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Our Products


The skin care products in our customized dispensing program have always been the mainstay of Clear Complexions Rx. Our products are not sold in stores befitting their dermatology-grade, first-in-class status. These products cover a very wide range of problems and issues relating to the skin, whether in the disease category, acne, or the aesthetic category.


Our exclusive, custom-blended line of products are not mass-marketed or mass-produced, but made in a slow, evenly mixed process. This contrasts with bulk-made products sold in retail outlets made in assembly line fashion at a fast rate, generating heat which damages fragile proteins and other ingredients.  Our products are tailored to an individual's needs and recommended for their appropriateness. We emphasize quality in all product ingredients: non-pore clogging, but at the same time, concentrated and strong enough for maximum effect. A parallel goal is to avoid irritation in the process, for which we are constantly mindful, as skin sensitivity is always taken into consideration.


You can call our office for any product information.  Among several different products for discoloration, our hydroquinones are exceptionally strong (see specialty products page). We can also provide expert advice on dermatologist-exclusive products for cosmetic patients. One important area for advice is sun protection. 
We carry Clinical Formula, Obagi, VI and the PCA series of sunscreens (noted for effectivness in high humidity), and other sun protective products that we're well versed in. See pages in our online shop for purchasing. Feel free to call or email with any questions about the products that you see, 847-843-0200

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