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"Do the right thing". This is the mantra of the dermatology group, Clear Complexions, Rx Ltd., located in Schaumburg, IL, one mile west of the Woodfield Mall. Founded by an eminent dermatologist, Dr. James Fulton, in the 1970s, there are many in the Chicagoland population who still remember us by our predecessor company and its long-time "Face Up" name. Long renown for the treatment of acne, Clear Complexions Rx has a track record of success in the remedy of this condition spanning more than forty years, utilizing medication in conjunction with physical treatment modalities, as spelled out in Dr. Fulton's original principles. (Dr. Fulton's review article on the subject of acne is currently on the highly acclaimed and most frequently physician-viewed website, "Medscape/eMedicine".) We stand against the hyping of gimmicks, slick advertising, and ineffective technology of acne-related products in the absence of hard data or proven results.


     For too many people, acne is notable for its frustrating unpredictability. The deeply apprehensive person who states that he or she has "tried everything" and is ready to give up, is also of paramount concern. Some of our patients have been to other dermatology venues with little to show for it. In this regard we welcome all these and any other supposedly "hard-to treat" or frustrated individuals struggling with the problem of acne. 


     Clear Complexions Rx also welcomes as patients, and has experience with, a wide range of other dermatology disease conditions. Rosacea, melasma or discoloration, eczema, dermatitis, sun damage (can be severe), scalp and hair conditions, hyperhydrosis (increased sweating), psoriasis, fungal infections, and allergic reactions exemplify these other problems that bring people to the office and to the attention of our physician H. Nichamin, MD, M.Sc.

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