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Acne is a disease, which if not treated, can cause permanent scarring. Acne can be present in dry, oily, or combination skin. It begins in the pores of the face around the age of puberty when an increase in hormones produces an excess of oil in the glands below the surface of the skin. More and more though, we are seeing people who are being troubled with this disease later in life, most of them women. Acne can be extremely troublesome from both a physical as well as psychological standpoint. 


What do we do here at Clear Complexions?


On the first visit:

1) Patient is instructed about their disease, causes & treatment.

2) The face is examined to determine the grade of acne

3) Doctor will prescribe proper treatment for each patient and instruct how to use each product:

  • A cleanser with or without Benzoyl Peroxide and granules

  • A topical antibiotic

  • Benzoyl Peroxide mask or Vitamin A/retinoid product 

  • Other topical medications are also chosen for some acne patients

  • Oral medications are prescribed for some patients

4)The doctor will recommend follow-up visits, called extraction visits, 1-2 weeks following the initial visit.


Follow-up treatment:


The nurse will dilate the pores of the acne lesion and extract debris from the pores, allowing the pores to return to their normal size. This creates much faster healing and improvement of the acne condition. Injections directly into the pore may also be used in larger acne lesions to expedite the healing process (some results as quickly as 24 hours)


Acne is a treatable disease, and we feel out treatment is very effective in controlling acne. Acne is not curable, but with our regimen, you can expect an improvement within 6 weeks.



Call today to get your acne under control!
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