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Chemical Peels

Clear Complexions Rx is at the forefront of a resurgence of interest in chemical peels. A chemical peel is a type of skin resurfacing and rejuvenating procedure. Sun-damaged (photodamaged), hyperpigmented (discolored), or otherwise abnormal skin is typically characterized by the accumulation of dead cells on the skin surface (hyperkeratinization) and the slowing down of cellular turnover, or renewal. The skin, then, does not regenerate as quickly as it should. The signs of aging and various imperfections and flaws become more visible. A potential solution for this is the chemical peel, which allows for the immediate exfoliation of dead skin cells and helps reactivate cellular renewal/turnover/ The result: an effective correction bringing about smoother, even, and radiant-looking skin.


Advances in formulations have broadened the indications for chemical peels to include a spectrum of conditions that can benefit from resurfacing: acne, acne scarring, rosacea, enlarged pores, and precancerous changes. These new formulations used by Clear Complexions Rx are very sophisticated and relatively gentle, yet actively work to correct the problems of color and texture. They can be used even on quite sensitive skin with little or no downtime. Application of the new peels is also faster and more specific since the pH balance is more targeted. The standard peels we do here are the Illuminize, Vitalize, and Rejuvenize peels of SkinMedica, the Vi Peels, The Salicylic peel, and the PCA peel.


The Vi and PCA peels are the most requested of the peeling and resurfacing procedures at Clear Complexions Rx, however for various degenerative conditions, associated with severe photoaged skin and/or acne scarring, a combination of Jessner's solution with 35% TCA (trichloroacetic acid) is very effective, and can be adjusted, or individualized according to the patient's skin type and the areas of the face being treated. 


Vi Peel

Skin Medica Vitalize Peel

Nowadays, the modern chemical peel combines safety without sacrificing efficacy. Their superior ingredient combinations adhere to a "layer and leave-on" method, and don't require mixing, nor removal with water. They are self-neutralizing, meaning that their advanced

formulas work with your skin to allow for comfortable and non-painful treatments without losing the desired results that are sought.


These advanced formulas combine powerful ingredients, such as TCA, lactic acid, retinal, resorcinol, hydroquinone and more. The result is

increased cell turnover and the fresh, healthy skin thus revealed allows for more visible, and even dramatic results. You may leave the office with a healthy glow, but your skin won't be a bright, angry red. They also have minimal downtime.


Virtually all types of common skin concerns that we see in the office, including discoloration, aging, rosacea, acne, acne scarring,

and roughness or texture, can be improved and then prevented via a maintenance regimen for optimal, long lasting results, in consultation with the patient. You need not worry if your skin is dry, oily, combination, or of course normal, because as noted above, these peels are for literally everyone. But still, you should realize that everyone peels differently, and thus the amount of

visible peeling you experience doesn't determine how effective the treatment is-- it could be

light, moderate, or even heavy, but even a heavy peeling doesn't imply a long downtime.



Please note below the various types of PCA peels that we can do. Likewise, the VI series of peels also has its own particular portfolio of peels, including the Precision and Precision Plus, and the Purify series, so we can closely target the right approach to address any particular

patient's skin problem agenda.

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