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Cosmetic Injectables and Fillers

Our prices are guaranteed the lowest in the Chicagoland area!!!!

We live in an age in which drastic procedures for cosmetic improvement, such as surgical intervention or the traditional facelift, can be avoided. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that close to 85% of all cosmetic procedures performed yearly are nonsurgical, or noninvasive. Granted, the medical specialty of dermatology doesn't have all the answers, but the fact remains that you can turn back the clock while foregoing exposure to the scalpel and stitches. Today the proverbial doors to looking good are wide open to everyone, yet we never make assumptions about cosmetic concerns--this is about your preferences, not ours. 


Clear Complexions Rx has seen a steady, year by year increase in interest in noninvasive injectables that make a vibrant appearance attainable by all-- especially those who are budget-conscious. We pride ourselves on making Botox and Xeomin, for lines, wrinkles, and other tell-tale signs of aging, and a variety of hyaluronic and non-hyaluronic dermal fillers, for their ability to shape and restore volume to the face, affordable to virtually everybody. In reshaping the face via these nonsurgical alternatives-- the symmetry, the emphasis of the eyes, the subtle effect of elevating the eyebrows, raising the corner of the mouth, opening the eyelid aperture-- we realize that a tiny millimeter of change makes all the difference. Clear Complexions Rx thus gives the tools and delivers the treatments that provide a renewed self-confidence and a sense of well-being to all individuals, improving their quality of life and satisfying one of the most basic human instincts--wanting to look good, to look out best. 

Botox Treatment
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